A Great Way to Help you Sell this Fall! 

If you have your house on the market and are afraid that now with summer over it will be hard to sell, take heart! Fall into winter months can be a wonderful time to sell. There is less competition and more serious buyers out there than just window shoppers or people going to open houses without an intent to buy. One of the best ways to help you sell this season is through careful and intentional staging. Here are some of the best staging tips to get you started! 

1. Door Décor
Since staging is a perfect way to show off your house at its finest through décor and furnishing, the best place to start is your front door. Creating a lovely welcome will help impress upon potential buyers in New Jersey just how much effort you put into your home and open houses. Start with some seasonal décor to set the mood. Perhaps white pumpkins instead of the traditional orange, especially now that Halloween has passed. Create color with mums or gourds. 
Because Halloween is over, take down any of those decorations. Don’t let them linger, especially as not everyone is a fan of this décor. Autumnal décor is a bit more user friendly. 

2. Color palate
The hues of the home matter. Perhaps your home has more beachy blues or bright yellows or reds. That’s fine. Maybe consider tempering those more eclectic and singular colors with muted, fall tones. This time of year going for warm burnt oranges, deep mustard yellows, cozy neutrals like beige or even browns will add such comfort to the space. It keeps it low-key cozy while still being stylish. You don’t have to change everything either. Accents are a great way to achieve this look. Think of adding in throw blankets, pillows, artwork, an area rug or other decorative pieces. 

3. Lighting throughout
Your lighting is important in trying to sell a house. Especially as the days cool and shorten and there’s far less sunlight. Placing lamps selectively in corners and reading nooks will brighten those corners of the house. Or if you need to tone down bright overhead lights, lamps are a great way to achieve that dim lighting needed for mood. This idea also extends outside to the doorway and walkways. As it gets dark so early or there are dim, dreary days, putting inviting scone lighting or pathway lighting outside will help with that initial welcome as well. 
Also consider placing candles strategically and lighting them right before a showing or open house. These aromatic factors add so much ambiance as well as that soft glow to your home. 

4. Festive Table
Perhaps you’d like to set the dining room table up for a feast. Arrange your fall napkins, nicest flatware and glassware as if you’re throwing a dinner party later that night. It’s a great staging technique using what you already have on hand. It allows buyers to envision themselves using the space specifically as the holidays of feasting are right around the corner. 

Utilizing some of these simple yet warm staging techniques this fall in New Jersey will help give you an extra edge in selling your home!