Factors to Look for When Buying! 


Searching for your next home is an exciting time! There are so many items on your wish list and you’re just itching to see what gorgeous homes are out there. And this can certainly be true. But it also depends on how many things are on that wish list of yours and how many are needs vs. wants. It is easy to envision our dream home and harder, sometimes, for that home to materialize in front of us. This could be because of budget, location or timing restraints. But even if you look for and find a few of these key features when home searching, you’ll be doing very well! 

1. Go with what’s actually in your price range. 
Sticking by your budget can be hard if you see a stunning kitchen in that home that’s just slightly over budget. Can you make it work? Perhaps. But it would put you in a tougher place financially. While this is tempting, keep your budget firm and you’ll be able to enjoy that home and your lifestyle more fully. 

2. Location really does matter. 
If you find and fall in love with a house that has all the amenities but is a good half hour away from where you want to be, take a pause. Yes, the house is lovely. And you may find that wins out in your mind over location. However, people really do depend on factors like neighborhood quality, school districts, commute time and shops and stores nearby. These aspects can truly make or break your quality of life. If you have to drive 20 minutes to the nearest grocery store or your kids don’t get to go to that awesome school, it might be worth it to pass that house up that’s farther away. 

3. The interior layout and bones.
Even more than a flashy or gorgeous exterior of the home, what is the inside like? The exterior can be modified with more ease than let’s say knocking down load bearing walls inside to open it up or adding rooms onto the home. Does it have the amount of bedrooms you really need? What about bathrooms? Are the rooms large enough or all closed off and dark and dim? These factors will be far more important down the road than the color of the outside trim or the state of the shrubbery. 

4. The condition the home is in. 
Pay attention to how much work the home needs. If you have a more limited budget or you really favor charm, you might end up wanting or needing a more outdated or older home. This is fine, as long as you know what you’re getting into. Just how much work are we talking, and are you prepared to handle that? Many buyers do look for homes with as many upgrades and updates as possible. So just look at the home with a fine-toothed brush or someone who knows construction to give you a heads up about those lingering projects. 

Give these factors some thought before going out on the house prowl. Having your needs and wants clearly defined beforehand with help you pinpoint the best possible home for you and your loved ones.