Housing Design Ideas for this Year! 



Whether you want to update your home’s interior design before selling, spruce up a rental in-between tenants or wow neighbors and guests with your fresh décor, here are some of the hot trends happening this year. Because some trends stay around much longer than a year, many of these are continuations of already trendy design themes. Some are newer takes on older ideas. 


Comfort and cozy is still very much in! 

Creating a safe haven and sanctuary of sorts in your home has long been important. This urge hits especially in the winter months, as we want to cuddle up, hibernate, and nestle in out of the elements. But in general, this trend is still very popular. Self-care extends to our home atmospheres, especially when the world is chaotic and uncertain. This trend tends towards soft fabrics, lush pillows and blankets, soothing scents, and comforting hues on the walls. 


Green is gold! 

Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day! Perhaps linked to the comfort trend, an emphasis on green is in swing. Designers are pulling from the natural world with this one. Green can be warm and soothing in sage or bright and cheery with a pop of lime. It can be sultry and sophisticated with a forest hue on a bedroom wall or kitchen cabinets. This color is versatile. Just pick your hues appropriately. Deep emerald might overwhelm on a wall but perhaps be just the right amount of flare in a velvet, emerald couch.


Eclectic and bold isn’t so scary! 

While comfort and soothing tones are one trend, another very happening one to pay attention to is bold, eclectic vibes. Mix and match colors and textures. Hang wall art in a chaotic but aesthetically pleasing way using all sorts of types from painting to terrariums to macremae to wallpaper. Layer styles and textures. 


Naturals are the new neutral! 

Beige, white and light grey have long held the supreme seat among neutrals. However, things are warming up. Along similar lines as the comfort trend and the green trend, neutral is swaying towards cashmere, rich clay, and dimensional grey. This trend is seeing people adding in stone, wood and clay accents all around the home to literally bring the natural world in. Floors are also leaning towards more natural. There’s more matte finish and lighter, more realistic hues. 


Mixing metals is more than ok! 

Creating that rich, and glamorous feel in bathrooms and kitchens just got easier! Mixing metals is a trend and not just something you do when you can’t find anything to match. Be intentional about what elements you’re bringing in and you can create a stunning look! 


Try implementing one of these design trends over the next few months into your home décor!