Looking to Move Soon? 5 Factors to Consider First! 



Transitions in life come in many shapes and sizes. A new job, a promotion at an existing one creating more responsibility. Or a new role in life such as getting married or becoming a parent. Each transition brings upheaval as well as opportunity. Many times, these larger life transitions also come with or lead to the transition of moving. So how do you find the next place you will call home? Here are 5 factors to keep in mind. 

1. What’s your next job?

Finding out (if you don’t already know) where the jobs are is a huge deciding factor as to where you move. You may have already gotten a job somewhere and are now just deciding on the finer details of what part of a city or area to live. But if you’re still in the time period of wanting to move and applying for jobs, think about cities or areas with strong, sustainable job markets and opportunities for you to get a great job and also to continue to move up and thrive in your career goals. 

2. City or country? 

This question also matters because it has a lot to do with your quality of life. Perhaps not as strong of a factor as your employment, it will still affect your overall experience living in a place. Do you prefer the big city momentum? Would you give that up for the peace and quiet of the country and nature? Do you want something inbetween that offers both close by? Think about nightlife, entertainment, going out, and cultural opportunities such as plays, concerts, or galleries. Do you want to live in a place that’s sunnier with milder winters or do you enjoy hitting the slopes and don’t mind the cold as much? 

3. What’s the price tag? 

Of course price will be perhaps the deciding factor in where you move. Perhaps not which city or area overall, but when you break it down into smaller boroughs, neighborhoods or suburbs, price might decide. Thinking big picture about price before you land the job will help you as well, if you have that option. Some cities and parts of the country are just far more expensive to make work with higher cost of living. So it will depend on your income, what kind of space you need and how close into the more populated areas you want to live. 

4. Commute time? 

Consider also how much time and money you want to spend on commuting. It might be worth it to live farther from work if you can afford more house farther out. Or you might not mind a longer drive or train ride to be closer to your favorite restaurants and spots to go out. Or, in contrast, a long commute might be too draining and not worth the extra time and cost overall in the long run. Do some weighing and balancing. 

5. Is there room to expand? 

One last aspect to consider is how much you will be able to expand and grow in this new place. Whether that’s with a partner or having kids down the road, or in your job and career field, is there space in the housing or job markets to grow? This can help you feel like there are options, but that you could also settle into the community and really establish a kind of home there. 

Think about the transitions happening in your life, and if a move is on the horizons, start here to get you thinking about where your next place to call home will be.